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THE “Chinese Secret” To Getting And Staying Rock Hard WITHOUT Dangerous Meds‏?

Man Tea Rock Hard FormulaAdam Armstrong Man Tea

As you’ve probably heard (because everyone is going WILD about this) my buddy Adam Armstrong has created a powerful new way to get RAGING hard-ons without dangerous meds.

And he’s doing this with a special “herbal tea” that includes a unique blend of 10 ancient Chinese herbs.

The potency of this special blend is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

And many men – including many over 60 – are using it to achieve BONERS like they’ve NEVER experienced before and their partners are LOVING it.

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OK. Today I want to share a tip for living an awesome sex life.

When used wisely you’ll be blown away by just how much your sex life will improve

I call this concept “planning for your weaknesses in ADVANCE”.

And here’s what I mean by it…

Anyone wanting to make a change in their life – like experiencing firmer hard-ons and giving their lover more satisfaction in bed – has obstacles in their way.

They often have BAD HABITS that prevent them from experiencing what they want.

And if they didn’t have these bad habits, chances are, the outcome they wanted would happen AUTOMATICALLY.

(NOTE: Our lives are pretty much the result of all of our habits combined).

Now, the challenge is that these habits run SUBCONSCIOUSLY.

man tea reviewsAnd so it’s only by addressing these habits in advance that we stand a chance at managing them.

Let’s take a man who struggles to maintain a full hard-on as an example to help explain what I’m talking about…

Say this man finds himself in an intimate situation with a woman.

They start engaging in foreplay, he begins getting aroused, but then all of sudden his pattern of FEAR kicks in.

Once he reaches the stage where it looks like sex is definitely happening he starts worrying about how she’ll perceive his performance and starts obsessing over losing his hard-on.

And inevitably as a result of this pattern – he does end up losing his hard-on.

And he repeats this HABIT of thought almost every time he has sex – leading to ongoing issues with his sex life.

Here’s where today’s concept comes in…

Plan for your weaknesses in ADVANCE.

See, the key to breaking a habit is to PLAN TO BREAK IT.

Don’t wait until you’re in the moment to try and change a habit, because at this point your engrained pattern will already be firing on all cylinders.

What could this man do to plan to break his pattern (a.k.a. habit)?

He could create a way of interrupting his negative pattern when it starts to trigger.


As soon as he notices himself worrying or visualizing a negative outcome in bed he could start saying an affirmation to himself like “I am an exceptional lover, I immerse myself in the sexual experience and get and stay aroused easily” and while saying that in his head over and over he could also picture himself making passionate love with a full hard-on.

Doing this would completely interrupt his old pattern.

Now he would have to memorize the affirmation so he’d have it ready to use whenever he needs…

But the point is that something like this would completely break his old pattern and after performing it a few times – soon he would no longer suffer from the same ongoing anxiety that triggers his failure to stay hard.

Get the idea?

Now your situation may be slightly different so you’ll have to customize this concept for your own benefit, but my point is this…

Plan for your weaknesses.

man tea reviews review for sale amazon ingredients in south africa reviews recipe rock hard explode your testosterone qt your tea adam armstrong go all night formula resultsWhen you have to a system designed to deal with them in advance – you’ll start to take control back – and when applied to your sex life, you won’t believe how much it can improve for the better.

Now – what I’ve just shared is a way to start getting stronger hard-ons using a PSYCHOLOGICAL approach.

To take it to the next level where you can start experiencing PULSATING tough-as-steel hard-ons I also suggest you use a PHYSIOLOGICAL approach.

My buddy Adam Armstrong has created a powerful blend of Chinese Herbs that will help SUPER-CHARGE your hard-ons like nothing you’ve ever seen.

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Talk soon,


PS – What I also love about Adam’s special “Man Tea” is that it works on men of ANY age.

Whether you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s or older – this has the power to TRANSFORM your hard-ons like you wouldn’t believe.

If you’re serious about wanting to become an EXTRAORDINARY lover – and you want to make it happen in a safe and natural way, go grab Adam’s Man Tea here now…

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Adam Armstrong Man Tea

Man Tea Rock Hard Formula

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How To Get A Rock Hard Erection

How To Get Rock Hard Erections

How To Get A Rock Hard Erection

How To Get Rock Hard Erections

New Alpha Rock Hard Formula

New Alpha Rock Hard Formula


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